About the Developer

Now is the time for a new Montgomery. Many have had wanted to bring this iconic building back to her glory days, but few have honed in on a vision based on concrete plans. The development team at BF Spartanburg LLC knows that building success is a result of an extraordinary commitment and community partnership. Today, this dedicated team is aligned and dedicated to a common vision: to retain the historic charm of The Montgomery Building, while exceeding tomorrow’s standards for future residents and retailers. Together, this group is committed to this project’s completion, success and ultimate role in the promising future of downtown Spartanburg.

“The Magnetic Montgomery,” One Developer’s Story: 

Developer James Bakker visited Spartanburg in 2010 and saw the building for the first time. There was an indescribable charm about The Montgomery that peaked his interest. Says Mr. Bakker of BF Spartanburg LLC, “I started to research the building but the timing was not right.” When he relocated to the Greenville area in 2013, his interest in the building was renewed. Says Bakker, “after 12 to 16 months we were able to put the building under contract.” He adds, “I am attracted to the building because of its elegance and its uniqueness. Also the chance to revive an icon is very exciting.”

James BakkerJames and Family

About the Developer:

James Bakker of BF Spartanburg LLC is a real estate developer that began his career in student housing in 2009. He has worked on complex deals ranging from $2,000,000 to $34,000,000. Additionally, he has worked on multiple rezoning and land assemblage deals, overcoming unique hurdles along the way. In 2013 Mr. Bakker moved to Greenville and managed retail development projects ranging from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000. 
BF Spartanburg, LLC was started in October of 2013 with the sole purpose to redevelop the Montgomery. 

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